Narrative Theory and Methods

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This is the home page for the Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop on Narrative Theory and Methods at the University of Michigan.

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Social scientists have fruitfully borrowed narrative from the humanities. Yet, because scholars working with narrative rarely engage each other across the disciplinary divide, both sides miss out on the generative nature of interdisciplinary conversations. Our Workshop on Narrative Theory and Methods addresses this problem by bringing together graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty in the social sciences and humanities to engage the general topic of "what is narrative?" in tandem with more specific topics originating in the research projects of Workshop members (e.g., narrative and ideology, narrative analysis of interviews, and pastoralism in narratives).

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Join us for a hands-on, interactive session on narrative and theory and methods at the Third Annual Qualitative Methods Conference in May 2004. More information to follow at a later date.

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