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OHO! Oneonta Hands-On Children's Museum

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Welcome to our web site!

This site is under construction. Please visit again for information about our project - establishing a hands-on children's museum in Oneonta, New York.

We are a group of interested parents whose goal is to establish a hands-on children's museum in downtown Oneonta. On this site, you'll find information about this project - and how you can get involved.

Here, we'll describe our vision for the museum, which will be dedicated to imaginative explorations of the theme of work - a unique feature of our children's museum. We'll describe the importance of playful learning for children, and the difference that a children's museum can make for our community, including its potential contribution to revitalizing Main Street.

In the near future, we hope to launch a "virtual" hands-on children's museum with a listing of local activities and resources for children and their parents as well as things you can do to have a hands-on experience at home.

Please visit again for information about how to become in the effort.

OHO! A work in progress in Oneonta, New York
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Please visit again for information on how to get involved.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

Oneonta Hands-On Children's Museum
A Work in Progress in Oneonta, New York