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The autonomy of the child

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Maria (due in mid-March, planning to deliver at hospital with obstetrician)
In the book, it said, At this point, you shouldn't lay on your back.  Sometimes, I fall asleep on my side and at some point in the middle of the night, I'll wake up - Oh my gosh, how long have I been on my back?  This happened a couple of times.  Finally, I said, OK, David, I need you to tell the kid something.  So, he goes down, puts his head toward my stomach, and I told him to tell the baby who he was because it's not my voice and it's a very deep voice compared to mine.  You know, introduce yourself [laughter] and then say, If you ever can't breathe or if Mommy is laying on her back, then kick Mommy really hard so that she can roll over, OK?  So, that was what we told the kid.  [Laughter]

Please note that all names have been changed in order to respect and protect the privacy of the first-time mothers and fathers participating in this project.