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Body not separable from person

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Brian (whose wife, Kerry, delivered their daughter in early January)
It's on the TV monitor, so you can't see scale.  Even though it was maybe one inch or four inches long, it looked like a baby on the monitor and that was the first moment for me where that really made it real.  We've been through a lot of trying.  I went through a period of kind of protecting myself from - we're talking about really early on - from really internalizing that this really is going to happen.  Because we've been through a miscarriage before.  The first trimester, I was trying not to get too excited about it.  It was really that first ultrasound that first made it real for me.  Then the second ultrasound was great and feeling her kick is really special.

Please note that all names have been changed in order to respect and protect the privacy of the first-time mothers and fathers participating in this project.